The school provides full opportunity to every child for learnership, healthy competition including his/her physical, intellectual and spiritual development and with this in view “The Houses System” has been introduced and all activities are organized housewise in the school according to the programmes. The junior and Sub Senior group is divided into three houses- Buddha, Viveka and Gandhi House, named after great religious and National Leaders and Thinkers.


A House Emblem Colour
1st Gautam Buddha Realise the truth and attain the beauty of life. Red
2nd Vivekanand Life is the process of learning; learn the best and enjoy the best. Saffron
3rd Mahatma Gandhi Self Service is the real Service of God. Green


House on Duty

Each of the three houses is on duty for ten days by rotation as given below –

Buddha House              -        1st to 10th day of every month

Viveka House                -        11th to 20 day of every month

Gandhi House               -        21st to 31st day of every month




1. To manage the Morning Assembly.

          Every day Morning Assembly will proceed as follows:

House captain on duty will command the assembly.

(i)     Section wise standing in line and class monitors at the rear of the lines.

(ii)    Yoga, Prayers, News reading (Hindi/English).

(iii)   Thought of the day and Talk for the day  by children

(iv)   Announcements/Instruction & Dispersal.


Class Monitors will march at the end of their section line after handling over the late comers and the students without proper uniform to the Master on duty/PTI/Discipline In-charge.

2. To write the news concerning International, National and Sports events and also a "Thought of the day" on the blackboards meant for the purpose.
3. To give Thought of the day in a short speech in the Assembly.
4. To maintain order during the recess period and also look after the general cleanliness of the school.
5. To check the students’ uniforms and mark them in the diary.
6. To participate enthusiastically in all Inter-house and Inter- house contests.
7. To be proud of own house. Always work for its healthy traditions and maintain discipline on the occasion of the School functions.