Our Special Feature

Brajkishore Kindergarten, Chapra


  1. Digital Classes (Smart Class) by Tata ClassEdge.
  2. Compulsory computer classes.
  3. Well organized and well-equipped science laboratories.
  4. Robotic Lab
  5. Well experienced and trained faculty.
  6. Yoga and Meditation practice.
  7. Dance, Play and Music classes.
  8. Co-curricular activities.
  9. Indoor and outdoor games.
  10. SMS alert system facility for quick information and notice.
  11. Eckovation App.
  12. Fire-fighting equipment on each floor.
  13. Surveillance and observation by C. C. D. Cameras.
  14. Continuous Electric supply.
  15. Elaborated Information on the school website.
  16. Introducing solar-system (Green Energy) in the campus.
  17. Transport facility with GPS Tracking System in school buses.
  18. 24 hours complete protection by Armed guard.
  19. Floorwise water supply and toilet facilities.
  20. Pure and hygienic canteen.
  21. Special attention to the overall personality development of children.
  22. Sanitized campus.
  23. Actively contribution for social and charitable causes.
  24. Water cooler on each floor for the students.
  25. Jeet Kunodo.

Thanking you for reposing trust in our institution.


                                                                    -Dr. Pankaj Kumar


                                                                                                                   B.K.K.G., & C.C.S., Chapra.