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Sri K. P. Srivastava was a revolutionary socialist and wearer of Khadi from his very infant days. He joined the Anti Constitution Day Procession on 01-04-1936, while he was a student of class- IX in a local Nationalist School and was held up in police lock up for the whole day. He founded the first Student Organisation in the district in 1937 and became the first General Secretary of Saran District Students Federation. He led successfully the Bandematerm strike at Chapra in 1937 and got success. He organized a big mass literacy school at Chpara and managed it for more than a couple of years (1938-1939) and was awarded certificate for his excellent service from the then Education Minister of Bihar. Soon he was elected to the General Council of All India Students Federation in 1940 at its Patna session. He got a serious warning from the then British Commissioner of Tirhut-Division in 1941 for Anti war activities. But he did not care and remained engaged in his activities. He was elected joint General Secretary of Bihar Provincial Students Federation in 1941 and bore this responsibility till 1945 when he voluntarily withdrew from the student movement as he ceased to be a student.

After independence, influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and all the senior leaders of saran like Babu Brajkishore Prasad, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jai Prakash Narayan and Maulana Mazaharul Haque etc he took up the task of nation building by spreading Mass Literacy and promoting cultural and social activities at Chapra with full dedication and honesty. As a result of this he founded Jai Prakash Mahila College, Brajkishore Kindergarten, Fanibhushan Dance and Music Academy and Chapra Central School along with a dozen of cultural and social organisations to redraw the map of Chapra with a remarkable speed.